upm  1.5.0
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.8.0)

Measure temperature & humidity. More...


 AM2315 Temperature & Humidity Sensor library.
 Veris CWLSXXA CO2 Sensor.
 Generic library for basic Grove sensors.
 HDC1000 Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
 Veris HDXXVXTA Humidity Transmitter.
 HTU21D Humidity Sensor library.
 HWXPXX Hardware Protocol Humidity and Temperature Sensor.
 Catnip Electronics I2C moisture sensor.
 DFRobot LM35 Linear Temperature Sensor.
 MAX31723 Temperature Sensor library.
 MCP9808 precision temperature sensor library.
 MLX90614 Temperature Sensor library.
 ms5611 Barometric Pressure Sensor library
 MS5803 Pressure and Temperature sensor.
 Omega RH-USB Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
 Honeywell RSC TruStability Pressure and Temperature Sensors.
 SHT1X Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
 Si7005 digital I2C humidity and temperature sensor library.
 T3311 Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
 Amphenol Telaire Ventostat T8100 Ventilation Controller.
 Honeywell TB7300 Communicating Fan Coil Thermostat.
 Veris TEAMS Temperature Transmitter.
 Temperature sensor library.
 Veris TEX00 Temperature Sensor.
 TH02 Temperature & Humidity Sensor library.
 TMP006 Infrared-Thermopile Sensor.

Detailed Description

Collaboration diagram for Temperature/Humidity: