mraa  2.0.0
Low Level Skeleton Library for Communication on GNU/Linux platforms
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common.hpp File Reference

API Description

This file defines the interface for libmraa common functions

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Result init ()
std::string getVersion ()
int setPriority (const int priority)
Platform getPlatformType ()
void printError (Result result)
bool pinModeTest (int pin, Pinmodes mode)
unsigned int adcRawBits ()
unsigned int adcSupportedBits ()
std::string getPlatformName ()
std::string getPlatformVersion (int platform_offset=MRAA_MAIN_PLATFORM_OFFSET)
unsigned int getPinCount ()
int getUartCount ()
int getI2cBusCount ()
int getI2cBusId (int i2c_bus)
std::string getPinName (int pin)
int getGpioLookup (std::string pin_name)
int getI2cLookup (std::string i2c_name)
int getSpiLookup (std::string spi_name)
int getPwmLookup (std::string pwm_name)
int getUartLookup (std::string uart_name)
Result setLogLevel (int level)
bool hasSubPlatform ()
bool isSubPlatformId (int pin_or_bus_id)
int getSubPlatformId (int pin_or_bus_index)
int getSubPlatformIndex (int pin_or_bus_id)
int getDefaultI2cBus (int platform_offset=MRAA_MAIN_PLATFORM_OFFSET)
Result addSubplatform (Platform subplatformtype, std::string dev)
Result removeSubplatform (Platform subplatformtype)
template<class T >
T * initIo (std::string desc)
Result initJsonPlatform (std::string path)
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