mraa  2.0.0
Low Level Skeleton Library for Communication on GNU/Linux platforms
Testing mraa

Mraa has a test suite written in python which can be run by users to check their platform is working correctly. The aim is to have a full API coverage using python scripts using unittests. Currently the test suite is far from complete.

Supported platforms

Intel Galileo v1 was used and is currently the only supported platform. Tests were conducted on Intel Galileo v2, but because of hardware differences, some failures may occur. Logic will be added to auto-select board to work on. To start with boards with an arduino type shield/layout should work

How to run these tests

You need to compile from source with -DBUILDSWIGPYTHON=ON and then tests can be executed with: $ make test

More detail can be seen by running: $ ctest -VV

Note tests will not run on platforms which cannot initialise, checking the amount of 'skipped' tests can be useful

What's next?

At this point tests were made to do a quick sanity check. In the future the followings will be implemented: