mraa  2.0.0
Low Level Skeleton Library for Communication on GNU/Linux platforms
mraa NPM pkg

What you are looking at is a tarball made after 'make npmpkg' has been run on our build system. It contains a few prebuilt files in order to build easily with node-gyp on most systems. Note that this is not the preffered way of building libmraa and if you'd like to contribute, please learn how the build system works and get your sources from git.

Any patches for mraajsJAVASCRIPT_wrap.cxx or version.c will be ignored as these are automatically generated files. When you execute a build from node-gyp/npm you do not generate the mraajsJAVASCRIPT_wrap.cxx file but rather use one that we have generated for you.

Recreating tarball

You can run the following commands to 'generate' this tarball from a checkout of mraa. It's important to not leave a .git directory as npm will then consider the tarball contains a full git tree. You also you need a top level dir which matches the npm pkg name so we create one with a symlink and add the 'h' flag to tar to follow symlinks.

1 mkdir build
2 cd build
4 make npmpkg
5 ln -s ../ mraa
6 tar hczv --exclude='build*' --exclude='.gitignore' --exclude='.git' --exclude='build*/*' --exclude='.git/*' -f mraa.tar.gz mraa

You need to disable jsonplatform otherwise you will need to change the binding.gyp file to include those sources and make sure target platform has json-c headers & libs.

Building with node-gyp

You can build with node-gyp using the binding.gyp file, obviously this requires either the prebuilt tarball from npm or to do the above to generate it with the npmpkg target. Note the –target='' flag will not work since binding.gyp will do a check for the running node v8 version, you'll also need to run that version (or close to) in your $PATH.

1 node-gyp configure --python=/usr/bin/python2
2 node-gyp build --python=/usr/bin/python2 --verbose

Note that no cross compilation is available without modifying the –arch flag manually. If you want to cross compile, it's recommended to use cmake.