upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
Sensor Categories

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 Measure acceleration & tilt or collision detection.
 Analog Inputs
 Sensors with a variable voltage output.
 Atmospheric Pressure
 Measure pressure and atmospheric conditions.
 Button, Switch or Toggle.
 Color Sensor
 Light sensors with special function: Color recognition.
 Measure magnetic field to give rotation or heading.
 Digital Potentiometer
 Resistive digital to analog converters (DAC)
 TFT, LCD, LED display elements.
 Measure electric current and ADC converters.
 Measure bending or detect vibration.
 Measure substance concentrations in gases.
 Provide positioning capabilities.
 Measure rotation rate in one or more axes.
 LEDs, LED strips, LED matrix displays & controllers.
 Measure light intensity or distances.
 Liquid Flow
 Measure liquid flow rates or levels.
 Sensors with specific medical application.
 Various motors & controllers to get things moving.
 Other types of supported sensors.
 Different low and high power relays.
 Wireless sensors using RFID tags.
 Sensors using serial communication.
 Various servo motors & controllers.
 Provide sound recording or playback.
 Measure temperature & humidity.
 Real time clocks & time measurement.
 Touch Sensor
 Capacitive touch sensors.
 Provide video or video camera access.
 Wireless Communication
 Provide WiFi, Bluetooth, RF communication.

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