The UPM API is a high level sensor library for IoT devices using MRAA. See examples here. Back to index page.
SparkFun sensor images provided under CC BY-NC-SA-3.0.

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UPM is a high level repository for sensors that use MRAA. Each sensor links to MRAA and are not meant to be interlinked although some groups of sensors may be. Each sensor contains a header which allows to interface with it. Typically a sensor is represented as a class and instantiated.

The constructor is expected to initialise the sensor and parameters may be used to provide identification/pin location on the board.

Typically an update() function will be called in order to get new data from the sensor in order to reduce load when doing multiple reads to sensor data.


Multi-sensor samples for the starter and specialized kits can be found in the iot-devkit-samples repository.

Individual sensor usage examples for node.js are available here.

Building UPM*

For building UPM, please follow this link.

Making your own UPM Module*

This link has more information on making a new UPM module.

There is also an example available for max31855 sensor.

Naming Conventions and Rules for New UPM Contributions*

Before you begin development, please take a look at our naming conventions.

Also, please read the guidelines for contributions to UPM.

Don’t forget to check the documentation section.


  • Make sure you add yourself as an author on every new code file submitted.
  • If you are providing a fix with significant changes, feel free to add yourself as a contributor.
  • Signing-off your commits is mandatory.

Other API Documentation

Version Changelog*

For our Version Changelog, please see here.

Known Limitations*

For the List of Known Limitations, please see here.

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