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Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.7.0)
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Public Member Functions
ES9257 Class Reference

API for the ES9257 Servo. More...

Detailed Description

This module defines the ES9257 interface for ES9257 servos. The ES9257 servo is a fast, heavy duty servo that is popular for moving the control surfaces on RC models.


Public Member Functions

 ES9257 (int pin)
 ~ES9257 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Servo
 Servo (int pin)
 Servo (int pin, int minPulseWidth, int maxPulseWidth)
 Servo (int pin, int minPulseWidth, int maxPulseWidth, int waitAndDisablePwm)
 ~Servo ()
mraa_result_t setAngle (int angle)
mraa_result_t haltPwm ()
std::string name ()
void setMinPulseWidth (int width)
void setMaxPulseWidth (int width)
void setPeriod (int period)
int getMinPulseWidth ()
int getMaxPulseWidth ()
int getPeriod ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Servo
int calcPulseTraveling (int value)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Servo
std::string m_name
int m_servoPin
float m_maxAngle
mraa_pwm_context m_pwmServoContext
int m_currAngle
int m_minPulseWidth
int m_maxPulseWidth
int m_period
int m_waitAndDisablePwm

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ES9257 ( int  pin)

Instantiates an ES9257 object

pinServo pin number
~ES9257 ( )

ES9257 object destructor

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