upm  1.3.0
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.7.0)
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Public Member Functions
GroveGSR Class Reference

API for the Grove GSR Galvanic Skin Response Sensor. More...

Detailed Description

Measures the electrical conductance of skin to measure strong emotional reactions. In other words, it measures sweat on your fingers as an indicator of strong emotional reactions.

// The was tested with the GroveGSR Galvanic Skin Response Sensor module.
// Instantiate a GroveGSR on analog pin A0
cout << "Calibrating...." << endl;
while (shouldRun)
cout << gsr->value() << endl;

Public Member Functions

 GroveGSR (int pin)
 ~GroveGSR ()
void calibrate ()
int value ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveGSR ( int  pin)

Grove GSR sensor constructor

pinAnalog pin to use
~GroveGSR ( )

GroveGSR destructor

Member Function Documentation

void calibrate ( )

Calibrates the Grove GSR sensor

int value ( )

Gets the electrical conductance of the skin from the sensor

Electrical conductance of the skin

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