upm  1.5.0
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.8.0)
Public Member Functions

API for the Grove EL Driver Module. More...

Detailed Description

The Grove EL Driver allows you to easily light up an EL wire with just one single Grove cable.

// The was tested with the Grove El Driver Module
// Instantiate a Grove El Driver on digital pin D2
upm::GroveElDriver eldriver(2);
bool lightState = true;
while (shouldRun) {
if (lightState)
lightState = !lightState;

Public Member Functions

 GroveElDriver (int pin)
 ~GroveElDriver ()
void on ()
void off ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveElDriver ( int  pin)

Grove EL Driver constructor

pinDigital pin to use

Grove EL Driver destructor

Member Function Documentation

void on ( )

Turns the EL wire on

void off ( )

Turns the EL wire off

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