upm  1.5.0
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.8.0)

Modules using GPIOs directly. More...


 A110X Hall Effect library.
 AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor library.
 BISS0001 Motion Sensor library.
 BMA220 Accelerometer library.
 Bosch 3-axis Accelerometer.
 Bosch 3-axis Gyroscope.
 Bosch 3-axis Magnetometer.
 BMP280 Digital Pressure Sensor.
 BNO055 Absolute Orientation 9DOF Fusion Hub.
 Button library.
 CJQ4435 MOSFET library.
 Collision Sensor library.
 DS2413 modules.
 Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor library.
 EL Driver Module library.
 Electromagnet library.
 Generic library for basic Grove sensors.
 Grove Collision Sensor library.
 Grove Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor library.
 Grove EL Driver Module library.
 Grove Electromagnet library.
 Grove Line Finder Sensor library.
 Grove Speaker library.
 Grove ultrasonic sensor library.
 Grove Water Sensor library.
 Grove Water Flow Sensor library.
 HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor library.
 UPM C++ API for the DFRobot Laser PM2.5 Sensor.
 HT9170 DTMF Decoder library.
 HX711 24-bit ADC library.
 ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module library.
 L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver library.
 I2C LCD Display library.
 LCM1602 Display library.
 LED library.
 Line Finder Sensor library.
 ST Micro 3-axis Accelerometer.
 Olimex LoL Array library.
 ST Microelectronics Ultra-compact high-performance eCompass module.
 ST Microelectronics Ultra-compact high-performance eCompass module.
 ST Micro 3-axis Accelerometer.
 ST Micro 3-axis Accelerometer.
 LSM9DS0 accelerometer library.
 MCP2515 Can bus controller.
 UPM C++ API for the DFRobot MMA7361 Analog Accelerometer.
 MMA7660 I2C 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer library.
 MPU9150 accelerometer library.
 MQ303A Alcohol Sensor library.
 MS5803 Pressure and Temperature sensor.
 MY9221 LED Controller library.
 NLGPIO16 module.
 UPM C++ API for a generic GPS serial device reporting NMEA data.
 NRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy library.
 P9813 Chainable RGB LEDs driver library.
 PPD42NS Dust Sensor library.
 Relay library.
 RFR359 Distance Interrupter library.
 SparkFun RGB RingCoder.
 Grove Rotary Encoder library.
 RPR220 IR Reflective Sensor library.
 SHT1X Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
 SM130 RFID Reader Module library.
 Speaker library.
 Stepper Motor library.
 SX1276 LoRa/FSK modem.
 SX6119-based FM Receiver library.
 TM1637 7-Segment Display library.
 TTP223 Touch Detector Sensor library.
 ULN200XA Stepper Driver library.
 Grove ultrasonic sensor library.
 DFRobot URM37 Ultrasonic Ranger.
 Water Sensor library.
 Water Level Switch Library.
 Water Flow Sensor library.
 DFRobot Wheel Encoder library.
 YG1006 Flame Sensor library.

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