mraa  2.0.0
Low Level Skeleton Library for Communication on GNU/Linux platforms
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mraa Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static Result init ()
static String getVersion ()
static int setPriority (int priority)
static Platform getPlatformType ()
static void printError (Result result)
static boolean pinModeTest (int pin, Pinmodes mode)
static long adcRawBits ()
static long adcSupportedBits ()
static String getPlatformName ()
static String getPlatformVersion (int platform_offset)
static String getPlatformVersion ()
static long getPinCount ()
static int getUartCount ()
static int getI2cBusCount ()
static int getI2cBusId (int i2c_bus)
static String getPinName (int pin)
static int getGpioLookup (String pin_name)
static int getI2cLookup (String i2c_name)
static int getSpiLookup (String spi_name)
static int getPwmLookup (String pwm_name)
static int getUartLookup (String uart_name)
static Result setLogLevel (int level)
static boolean hasSubPlatform ()
static boolean isSubPlatformId (int pin_or_bus_id)
static int getSubPlatformId (int pin_or_bus_index)
static int getSubPlatformIndex (int pin_or_bus_id)
static int getDefaultI2cBus (int platform_offset)
static int getDefaultI2cBus ()
static Result addSubplatform (Platform subplatformtype, String dev)
static Result removeSubplatform (Platform subplatformtype)
static Result initJsonPlatform (String path)
static Gpio gpioFromDesc (String desc)
static Aio aioFromDesc (String desc)
static Uart uartFromDesc (String desc)
static Spi spiFromDesc (String desc)
static I2c i2cFromDesc (String desc)
static Pwm pwmFromDesc (String desc)
static Led ledFromDesc (String desc)

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