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Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
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T6713 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 T6713 (int bus)
virtual ~T6713 ()
virtual const char * getModuleName ()
uint16_t getPpm ()
uint16_t getFirmwareRevision ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

T6713 ( int  bus)

Instantiates a T6713 object

busnumber of used bus

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virtual ~T6713 ( )

T6713 object destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* getModuleName ( )

Returns sensor module name

Implements IModuleStatus.

uint16_t getPpm ( )

Get relative humidity measurement.

Implements ICO2Sensor.

uint16_t getFirmwareRevision ( )

Get the firmware version

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