upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
Known Limitations

Some sensors do not work seamlessly with a specific board. This means that they are either incompatible or work only under specific settings. This is a list of such sensors and known workarounds if they exist.

Grove Sensors

Adafruit Sensors

One Wire Sensors

Please note that our 1-Wire protocol implementation is only compatible with Dallas 1-Wire devices and uses both the RX and TX pins of a UART bus for communication. It will also require the following external circuit:

1-Wire Circuit Diagram

The principle of operation is discussed here. This affects the DS18B20, DS2413 and DFREC drivers.

Other Sensors


Some I2C sensors add too much capacitance to the SDA line of the Intel Edison Arduino breakout board, thus the signal sticks to a logic 1. When this happens, other sensors connected to the I2C bus also become unusable. In order to solve this problem, an I2C repeater that isolates the capacitance on the bus, such as the PCA9517 can be used.

The Intel Edison SPI bus can corrupt data being sent across when certain sensors are connected to it, if using an old image. This has been resolved with the latest releases.

On the Intel Galileo boards, the UART bus might drop data if several bytes are read at once.