upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
UPM Libraries
Here is a list of UPM libraries that can be used. Note that each of the classes listed in these libraries are completely separate so you will need to link against all those that you have used in your program. Use the hierarchical tree to filter between different types of sensors.
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 Sensor CategoriesSensors grouped by category
 AccelerometerMeasure acceleration & tilt or collision detection
 Analog InputsSensors with a variable voltage output
 Atmospheric PressureMeasure pressure and atmospheric conditions
 ButtonButton, Switch or Toggle
 Color SensorLight sensors with special function: Color recognition
 Compass/MagnetometersMeasure magnetic field to give rotation or heading
 Digital PotentiometerResistive digital to analog converters (DAC)
 DisplaysTFT, LCD, LED display elements
 ElectricityMeasure electric current and ADC converters
 Flex/ForceMeasure bending or detect vibration
 GasMeasure substance concentrations in gases
 GPSProvide positioning capabilities
 GyroscopesMeasure rotation rate in one or more axes
 LEDsLEDs, LED strips, LED matrix displays & controllers
 Light/Proximity/IRMeasure light intensity or distances
 Liquid FlowMeasure liquid flow rates or levels
 MedicalSensors with specific medical application
 MotorVarious motors & controllers to get things moving
 OtherOther types of supported sensors
 RelayDifferent low and high power relays
 RFIDWireless sensors using RFID tags
 SerialSensors using serial communication
 ServoVarious servo motors & controllers
 SoundProvide sound recording or playback
 Temperature/HumidityMeasure temperature & humidity
 TimeReal time clocks & time measurement
 Touch SensorCapacitive touch sensors
 VideoProvide video or video camera access
 Wireless CommunicationProvide WiFi, Bluetooth, RF communication
 C++ InterfaceSensors grouped by C++ interface
 ILightSensorImplements ILightSensor
 ILightControllerImplements ILightController
 IPressureSensorImplements IPressureSensor
 ITemperatureSensorImplements ITemperatureSensor
 IADCImplements IADC
 ICOSensorImplements ICOSensor
 Connection TypeSensors grouped by connection type
 AIOSensors requiring an ADC value to be read
 I2CModules using the i2c bus
 SPIModules using the SPI bus
 GPIOModules using GPIOs directly
 PWMModules using a PWM capable GPIO pin
 UARTModules using a serial connection (RX/TX)
 ManufacturerSensors grouped by manufacturer
 AdafruitAdafruit Industries
 ams AGAms AG
 CometComet System
 GenericGeneric Brands
 Measurement SpecialtiesMeasurement Specialties
 Numato LabsNumato Labs
 Open ElectronsOpen Electrons
 SeeedStudioSeeedStudio - Grove Sensors
 Silicon LabsSilicon Labs
 Texas InstrumentsTexas Instruments
 Veris IndustriesVeris Industries
 Aeon LabsAeon Labs
 TraneTrane Incorporated
 Avago TechnologiesAvago Technologies
 Catnip ElectronicsCatnip Electronics
 Kionix IncorporatedKionix Incorporated
 Maxim IntegratedMaxim Integrated
 Semtech CorporationSemtech Corporation
 ROHM SemiconductorROHM Semiconductor
 Starter KitsSensors grouped into starter kits
 Grove Starter KitGrove Starter Kit - Contains basic sensors
 Home Automation KitHome Automation Kit - For projects around the house
 Environment & Agriculture KitEnvironment & Agriculture Kit - For outdoor projects
 Transportation & Safety KitTransportation & Safety Kit - Used mostly on vehicles
 Robotics KitRobotics Kit - Sensors for your robot