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Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
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UPM (Useful Packages & Modules) Sensor/Actuator repository for MRAA

UPM is a high level repository for sensors that use MRAA. Each sensor links to MRAA and are not meant to be interlinked although some groups of sensors may be. Each sensor contains a header which allows to interface with it. Typically a sensor is represented as a class and instantiated.

The constructor is expected to initialise the sensor and parameters may be used to provide identification/pin location on the board.

Typically an update() function will be called in order to get new data from the sensor in order to reduce load when doing multiple reads to sensor data.


A sensor/actuator is expected to work as such (here is the servo ES08A API):

However implementation and API design is completely up to the developer, some enumerable sensors for example may provide much clever instantiation. Displays may also create more complex structures in order to interface with them.

Browse through the list of all examples.

Multi-sensor samples for the starter and specialized kits can be found in the iot-devkit-samples repository.

Supported Sensors

Supported sensor list from API documentation.

You can also refer to the IntelĀ® IoT Developer Zone.

IDE Compatibility

If you would like to create Eclipse IDE projects using the UPM Java samples, please follow the instructions provided on the Intel Developer Zone IDE page.

Building UPM

See Building UPM here.

Making your own UPM module

Porting a module from Arduino link has more information on making new UPM modules.

There is also an example available for Making a UPM module for MAX31855 sensor.

Naming conventions and rules for new UPM contributions

Before you begin development, take a look at our Naming a module conventions.

Also, please read the guidelines for Contributing a module to UPM.

Don't forget to check the Writing sensor documentation section.

Make sure you add yourself as an author on every new code file submitted. If you are providing a fix with significant changes, feel free to add yourself as a contributor. Signing-off your commits is mandatory.

API Documentation


Version Changelog here.

Known Limitations

List of Known Limitations here.