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gps_fix Struct Reference

Detailed Description

GPS fix definition. A GPS fix structure should only be used if valid == true

Public Member Functions

std::string __str__ ()

Data Fields

coord_DD coordinates
std::string time_utc = std::string("")
gps_fix_quality quality = gps_fix_quality::no_fix
uint8_t satellites = 0
float hdop = 0.0
float altitude_meters = 0.0
float geoid_height_meters = 0.0
float age_seconds = 0.0
std::string station_id = std::string("")
bool valid = false
bool chksum_match = false

Member Function Documentation

std::string __str__ ( )

Provide a string representation of this structure.

String representing a GPS Fix

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Field Documentation

coord_DD coordinates

Fix coordinates

std::string time_utc = std::string("")

UTC time string as HHMMSS.mS

GPS fix signal quality

uint8_t satellites = 0

Number of satellites in use

float hdop = 0.0

Horizontal dilution of precision, unitless, lower is better

float altitude_meters = 0.0

Altitude above mean sea level in meters

float geoid_height_meters = 0.0

Difference between the WGS-84 earth ellipsoid and mean-sea-level

float age_seconds = 0.0

Time in seconds since last differential GPS fix

std::string station_id = std::string("")

Differential GPS station ID

bool valid = false

True if this gps_fix structure is valid to use

bool chksum_match = false

True if the checksum matched, valid is set to false on mismatch

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