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Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.7.0)
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Public Member Functions
GroveButton Class Reference

API for the Grove Button. More...

Detailed Description

Basic UPM module for the Grove button

// Create the button object using GPIO pin 0
// Read the input and print, waiting one second between readings
while( 1 ) {
std::cout << button->name() << " value is " << button->value() << std::endl;
// Delete the button object
delete button;

Public Member Functions

 GroveButton (unsigned int pin)
 ~GroveButton ()
std::string name ()
int value ()
void installISR (mraa::Edge level, void(*isr)(void *), void *arg)
void uninstallISR ()
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std::string name ()

Additional Inherited Members

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std::string m_name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveButton ( unsigned int  pin)

Grove button constructor

pinPin to use

Grove button destructor

Member Function Documentation

std::string name ( )

Gets the name of the sensor

Name of this sensor
int value ( )

Gets the value from the GPIO pin

Value from the GPIO pin
void installISR ( mraa::Edge  level,
void(*)(void *)  isr,
void *  arg 

Installs an interrupt service routine (ISR) to be called when the button is activated or deactivated.

fptrPointer to a function to be called on interrupt
argPointer to an object to be supplied as an argument to the ISR.

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void uninstallISR ( )

Uninstalls the previously installed ISR

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