upm  1.3.0
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v1.7.0)
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Public Member Functions
GroveSlide Class Reference

API for the Grove Slide Potentiometer. More...

Detailed Description

Basic UPM module for the Grove slide potentiometer on analog that returns either a raw value or a scaled voltage value.

upm::GroveSlide* slide = new upm::GroveSlide(0); // Instantiate new grove slide potentiometer on analog pin A0
cout << slide->name() << endl;
while(true) {
float adc_value = slide->raw_value(); // Read raw value
float volts = slide->voltage_value(); // Read voltage, board reference set at 5.0V
fprintf(stdout, "%4d = %.2f V\n", (uint16_t)adc_value, volts);
usleep(2500000); // Sleep for 2.5s

Public Member Functions

 GroveSlide (unsigned int pin, float ref_voltage=5.0)
 ~GroveSlide ()
float raw_value ()
float voltage_value ()
float ref_voltage ()
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std::string name ()

Additional Inherited Members

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std::string m_name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveSlide ( unsigned int  pin,
float  ref_voltage = 5.0 

Grove analog slide potentiometer constructor

pinNumber of the analog pin to use
ref_voltageReference voltage the board is set to, as a floating-point value; default is 5.0V

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~GroveSlide ( )

GroveSlide destructor

Member Function Documentation

float raw_value ( )

Gets the raw value from the AIO pin

Raw value from the ADC

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float voltage_value ( )

Gets the voltage value from the pin

Voltage reading based on the reference voltage

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float ref_voltage ( )

Gets the board's reference voltage passed on object initialization

Reference voltage the class was set for

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