upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
Public Member Functions

API for the INA132 Differential Amplifier Sensor. More...

Detailed Description

The INA132 Differential Amplifier Sensor is designed for precise differential-input amplification.

This sensor was tested amplifying the signal from a Weight Sensor (Load Cell) 0-500g

// The was tested with the INA132 Differential Amplifier Sensor module.
// Instantiate an INA132 on analog pin A0
upm::INA132 amplifier(0);
while (shouldRun) {
cout << amplifier.value() << endl;

Public Member Functions

 INA132 (int pin)
 ~INA132 ()
float value ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

INA132 ( int  pin)

INA132 constructor

pinAnalog pin to use
~INA132 ( )

INA132 destructor

Member Function Documentation

float value ( )

Measures precise differential-input amplification from the sensor

Precise differential-input amplification

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