upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
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API for the ITG-3200 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope. More...

Detailed Description

InvenSense* ITG-3200 is a 3-axis digital gyroscope. (https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/Gyro/PS-ITG-3200-00-01.4.pdf) This sensor has been tested and can run at either 3.3V or 5V on Intel(R) Galileo.
However, it is incompatible with and not detected on the I2C bus by Intel(R) Edison using the Arduino* breakout board.

int16_t* rot;
float* ang;
// Note: Sensor not supported on Intel Edison with Arduino breakout
upm::Itg3200 gyro(0);
while (true) {
gyro.update(); // Update the data
rot = gyro.getRawValues(); // Read raw sensor data
ang = gyro.getRotation(); // Read rotational speed (deg/sec)
fprintf(stdout, "Raw: %6d %6d %6d\n", rot[0], rot[1], rot[2]);
fprintf(stdout, "AngX: %5.2f\n", ang[0]);
fprintf(stdout, "AngY: %5.2f\n", ang[1]);
fprintf(stdout, "AngZ: %5.2f\n", ang[2]);
fprintf(stdout, "Temp: %5.2f Raw: %6d\n", gyro.getTemperature(), gyro.getRawTemp());

Public Member Functions

 Itg3200 (int bus)
void calibrate ()
float getTemperature ()
float * getRotation ()
int16_t * getRawValues ()
int16_t getRawTemp ()
mraa::Result update ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Itg3200 ( int  bus)

Creates an Itg3200 object

busNumber of the used I2C bus

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Member Function Documentation

void calibrate ( void  )

Calibrates the sensor to 0 on all axes. The sensor needs to be resting for accurate calibration. It takes about 3 seconds and is also called by the constructor on object creation.

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float getTemperature ( void  )

Returns the temperature reading, in Celsius, from the integrated temperature sensor

float Temperature in Celsius
float * getRotation ( void  )

Returns a pointer to a float[3] that contains computed rotational speeds (angular velocities)

float* to a float[3]
int16_t * getRawValues ( )

Returns a pointer to an int[3] that contains raw register values for X, Y, and Z

int* to an int[3]
int16_t getRawTemp ( )

Returns an int that contains the raw register value for the temperature

int Raw temperature
mraa::Result update ( void  )

Updates the rotational values and temperature by reading from the I2C bus

0 if successful

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