upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
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UPM module for the ULN200XA Darlington Stepper Driver. More...

Detailed Description

This module was developed on a ULN2003A Stepper Driver. It should also support the ULN2001A, ULN2002A, and ULN2004A devices, when using to drive the 28BYJ-48 unipolar stepper motor.

Vcc goes to the 5V pin on your development board and the Vm pin should be connected to an external 5V supply.


Example driving a stepper motor

// Instantiate a Stepper motor on a ULN200XA Darlington controller.
// This was tested with the Grove Gear Stepper Motor with Driver
// Wire the pins so that I1 is pin D8, I2 is pin D9, I3 is pin D10 and
// I4 is pin D11
upm::ULN200XA uln200xa(4096, 8, 9, 10, 11);
cout << "Rotating 1 revolution clockwise." << endl;
cout << "Sleeping for 2 seconds..." << endl;
cout << "Rotating 1/2 revolution counter clockwise." << endl;
// turn off the power

Public Member Functions

 ULN200XA (int stepsPerRev, unsigned int i1, unsigned int i2, unsigned int i3, unsigned int i4)
 ~ULN200XA ()
void setSpeed (unsigned int speed)
void setDirection (ULN200XA_DIRECTION_T dir)
void stepperSteps (unsigned int steps)
void release ()

Protected Attributes

uln200xa_context m_uln200xa

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ULN200XA ( int  stepsPerRev,
unsigned int  i1,
unsigned int  i2,
unsigned int  i3,
unsigned int  i4 

ULN200XA constructor

stepsPerRevNumber of steps per full revolution
i1Digital pin to use for stepper input 1
i2Digital pin to use for stepper input 2
i3Digital pin to use for stepper input 3
i4Digital pin to use for stepper input 4
~ULN200XA ( )

ULN200XA destructor

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Member Function Documentation

void setSpeed ( unsigned int  speed)

Sets the speed of the stepper motor in revolutions per minute (RPM)

speedSpeed to set the motor to, in RPM

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void setDirection ( ULN200XA_DIRECTION_T  dir)

Sets the direction of the motor, clockwise or counterclockwise

dirDirection to set the motor to

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void stepperSteps ( unsigned int  steps)

Steps the stepper motor a specified number of steps

stepsNumber of steps to move the stepper motor

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void release ( )

Releases the stepper motor by removing power

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