upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
Public Member Functions

API for the YG1006 Flame Sensor. More...

Detailed Description

UPM module for the YG1006 flame sensor. It detects a flame or any other light source in the 760-1,100 nm wavelength range.

// Instantiate a yg1006 flame sensor on digital pin D2
upm::YG1006 flame(2);
// check every second for the presence of a flame
while (shouldRun) {
bool val = flame.flameDetected();
if (val)
cout << "Flame detected." << endl;
cout << "No flame detected." << endl;

Public Member Functions

 YG1006 (unsigned int pin)
 ~YG1006 ()
bool flameDetected ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

YG1006 ( unsigned int  pin)

YG1006 constructor

pinDigital pin to use
~YG1006 ( )

YG1006 destructor

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Member Function Documentation

bool flameDetected ( )

Determines whether a flame has been detected

true if a flame or another comparable light source has been detected

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