upm  1.7.1
Sensor/Actuator repository for libmraa (v2.0.0)
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API Description

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Data Structures

struct  _es08a_context


es08a_context es08a_init (int32_t pin, int32_t min_pulse_width, int32_t max_pulse_width)
void es08a_halt (es08a_context dev)
upm_result_t es08a_set_angle (es08a_context dev, int32_t angle)
upm_result_t es08a_calc_pulse_travelling (const es08a_context dev, int32_t *ret_val, int32_t value)
void es08a_set_min_pulse_width (es08a_context dev, int width)
void es08a_set_max_pulse_width (es08a_context dev, int width)
int es08a_get_min_pulse_width (es08a_context dev)
int es08a_get_max_pulse_width (es08a_context dev)


#define ES08A_MIN_PULSE_WIDTH   600
#define ES08A_MAX_PULSE_WIDTH   2200
#define ES08A_PERIOD   20000
#define ES08A_MAX_ANGLE   180.0


typedef struct _es08a_contextes08a_context

Function Documentation

es08a_context es08a_init ( int32_t  pin,
int32_t  min_pulse_width,
int32_t  max_pulse_width 

Instantiates a the servo at the given pin

pinServo pin number
minPulseWidthMinimum pulse width, in microseconds
maxPulseWidthMaximum pulse width, in microseconds
waitAndDisablePwmIf 1, PWM is enabled only during the setAngle() execution for a period of 1 second, and then turned back off. If 0, PWM remains on afterward.

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void es08a_halt ( es08a_context  dev)

Halts PWM for this servo and allows it to move freely.

upm_result_t es08a_set_angle ( es08a_context  dev,
int32_t  angle 

Sets the angle of the servo engine.

angleNumber between 0 and 180
0 if successful, non-zero otherwise

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void es08a_set_min_pulse_width ( es08a_context  dev,
int  width 

Sets the minimum pulse width

widthMinimum HIGH signal width
void es08a_set_max_pulse_width ( es08a_context  dev,
int  width 

Sets the maximum pulse width

widthMaximum HIGH signal width
int es08a_get_min_pulse_width ( es08a_context  dev)

Returns the minimum pulse width

Minimum pulse width
int es08a_get_max_pulse_width ( es08a_context  dev)

Returns the maximum pulse width

Maximum pulse width

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _es08a_context * es08a_context

device context