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API for Grove LED Bars base on the MY9221. More...

Detailed Description

This is a 10-segment LED bar, with 8 green segments, 1 yellow segment, and one red segment. They can be daisy chained together so that this module can control multiple LED bars.

// Instantiate a GroveLEDBar, we use D8 for the data, and D9 for the
// clock. This was tested with a Grove LED bar.
upm::GroveLEDBar bar(8, 9);
while (shouldRun) {
// count up from green to red
for (int i = 0; i <= 10; i++) {
bar.setBarLevel(i, true);
// count down from red to green
for (int i = 0; i <= 10; i++) {
bar.setBarLevel(i, false);

Public Member Functions

 GroveLEDBar (int dataPin, int clockPin, int instances=1)
virtual ~GroveLEDBar ()
void setBarLevel (uint8_t level, bool greenToRed=true, unsigned int barNumber=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MY9221
 MY9221 (int dataPin, int clockPin, int instances=1)
virtual ~MY9221 ()
void setAutoRefresh (bool enable)
void setLED (int led, bool on)
void setLowIntensityValue (int intensity)
void setHighIntensityValue (int intensity)
void setAll ()
void clearAll ()
void refresh ()

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my9221_context m_my9221

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveLEDBar ( int  dataPin,
int  clockPin,
int  instances = 1 

Instantiates an GroveLEDBar object

dataPinData pin
clockPinClock pin
instancesNumber of daisy-chained Grove LED Bars, default 1

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~GroveLEDBar ( )

GroveLEDBar destructor

Member Function Documentation

void setBarLevel ( uint8_t  level,
bool  greenToRed = true,
unsigned int  barNumber = 0 

Sets the bar level

levelSelected level for the bar (0 - 10). 0 is off
greenToRedtrue if you start the level on the first green LED, false otherwise
barNumberIf you have multiple LED bars chained together, this argument selects a specific bar starting at 0. The default is 0.

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