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API for the Grove Relay. More...

Detailed Description

This class is being replaced by the upm-relay library and the Relay class.

UPM module for the Grove relay switch. The Grove relay is a digital normally-open switch that uses low voltage or current to control a higher voltage and/or higher current. When closed, the indicator LED lights up and current is allowed to flow.

// Create the relay switch object using GPIO pin 0
upm::GroveRelay relay(0);
// Close and then open the relay switch 3 times,
// waiting one second each time. The LED on the relay switch
// will light up when the switch is on (closed).
// The switch will also make a noise between transitions.
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
if (relay.isOn())
std::cout << relay.name() << " is on" << std::endl;
if (relay.isOff())
std::cout << relay.name() << " is off" << std::endl;
// Delete the relay switch object

Public Member Functions

 GroveRelay (unsigned int pin)
 ~GroveRelay ()
mraa_result_t on ()
mraa_result_t off ()
bool isOn ()
bool isOff ()
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std::string name ()

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std::string m_name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroveRelay ( unsigned int  pin)

Grove relay constructor

pinPin to use
~GroveRelay ( )

Grove relay destructor

Member Function Documentation

mraa_result_t on ( )

Sets the relay switch to on (closed). This allows current to flow and lights up the indicator LED.

0 if successful, non-zero otherwise
mraa_result_t off ( )

Sets the relay switch to off (open). This stops current from flowing and the indicator LED is not lit.

0 if successful, non-zero otherwise
bool isOn ( )

Defines whether the relay switch is closed.

True if the switch is on (closed), false otherwise
bool isOff ( )

Defines whether the relay switch is open.

True if the switch is off (open), false otherwise
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